CLICK-12 is a free webinar series powered by FIU Online for K-12 teachers. These workshops include tips and tools for delivering instruction online, designing engaging lessons, creating educational videos, and structuring your digital classroom during these uncertain times.

Join experts from the FIU Online Learning Design team as they share their know-how, guidance, and evidence-based practices for delivering instruction in the online and remote modalities.

Weekly Webinars

    • 7/22
    • Blending, Flipping and Digitizing Your Classroom
    • 7/29
    • Teachflix: Creating Incredible Videos
    • 8/5
    • Dot Org-Structuring the Virtual Classroom
    • 8/12
    • Free99: Nine Low-Cost High-Impact Ed Tech Tools

Topics That Cater To K-12 Educators

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Blending, Flipping And Digitizing Your Classroom

Wednesday July 22nd | 10:00 am - 11:30 am ET

As schools shift to remote, blended, and online teaching, there will be no shortage of logistical questions. What kind of instruction happens online? What happens in person? How do I design lessons to keep my students engaged? While online education is relatively new to the K-12 classroom, higher education has been delivering instruction in this modality for over 20 years. This session shares the best ways to design, structure, and flip your lessons and make them more resilient.


Director of Learning Design & Innovation | FIU Online

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Teachflix: Creating Incredible Videos

Wednesday July 29th | 10:00 am - 11:30 am ET

We all know the learning power of videos: we may forget where we parked sometimes, but always recall an arbitrary scene from our favorite movie. This webinar discusses how you can create impactful, memorable, and quality learning videos at home. We will cover the value of crisp audio in a presentation, setting up good lighting, leveraging everyday tools for high-quality synchronous activity, and the concept of cognitive load. Come and discover how you can elevate your video production from the comfort of your dining room table.


Learning Design Innovation Manager | FIU Online

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DOT ORG—structuring The Virtual Classroom

Wednesday August 5th | 10:00 am - 11:30 am ET

As we shift to virtual classroom, it is crucial to explore delivery options beyond email. This session offers improved means of getting students to quickly access your digital lesson plans, and thereby reduce repeated "Where do I find that?" emails. Join us to gain virtual classroom organization techniques and best practices.


Instructional Design Manager | FIU Online

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FREE99: Nine Low-cost, High-impact Ed-tech Tools In 90 Mins

Wednesday August 12th | 10:00 am - 11:30 am ET

Ed-tech tools promise a brave new world: highly engaged students and teachers learning deeply with just one click. The truth is there are too many tools to choose from, and too small a budget to fund them. Join FIU online’s Learning Design Innovation manager as he shares nine of the most relevant and low-cost ed-tech tools you can incorporate into your classroom today. You will learn what you need to get started with collecting resources, using free and open source technologies, and review common missteps and solutions when leveraging these tools in your class.


Learning Design Innovation Manager | FIU Online



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