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Take Back Control of Your Health is a nutrition and wellness course developed by the Humanitas International Foundation. This self-paced online course is ideal for individuals seeking to understand basic principles of nutrition and making healthy choices to improve their diet and overall health.

The course consists of two sections imparting both practical and foundational knowledge to ensure easy application in your everyday life. Section I, The Incredible Nutrient Journey Through the Human Body, through animated video, the professor and a student discuss the various body and cellular structures and functions, as well as how the nutrients work in each place.

In Section II, Nutrition in the Wellness – Illness Continuum will prepare you to correctly apply the basic knowledge about nutrition and the consumption of needed nutritional elements for health maintenance and disease prevention. Section II includes information about the science of Nutrition and nutritional supplementation.

Schedule & Price

Take Back Control of Your Health is a self-paced course designed to be completed in 2-3-month dedicating about 2 hours a week. You will learn through a series of animated videos and slideshows and testing your knowledge with quizzes. You will have access to the course for one year. Upon successful completion you will receive a certificate from the Humanitas International Foundation.

Course debuts on August 22nd
Price: $499

Course Author

Dr. Luis Romero | Co-author and President, Humanitas International Foundation 

Dr. Romero, a Pharmacologist Post-Graduate from Harvard University and University of Massachusetts taught at the the Fisher Institute for Medical Research. Currently, Dr. Romero Services as the President of Humanitas International Foundation National and is an international lecturer on Health Education, Health Promotion and Holistic approach to Healing.

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Learn more about the course by contacting the Humanitas International Foundation to 305-567-9020 or info@humanitasusa.com

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